Demolishing a concrete structure can be time and labor intensive. However, with the use of concrete demolition powder, you can quickly and safely bring down large structures. This advanced concrete cracking agent has expansive power that demolishes even massive buildings with minimum effort and time.

First, you should have permission from the local governing body to demolish the building. After the authorities have given a go, you can start the demolition process. Remove all sharp and hazardous materials from the blast site. You should also remove all the regulated material from the blast area.

1. Quarrying marble and granite, limestone, sand stone; Cracking nature ground
2. Breaking rock into pieces; Deposition of falling rocks
3. Demolishing concrete structure, Chipping defective concrete piles, etc
4. In the field as a new method of demolition, EXPANSIVE MORTAR can effectively be use in the conruction and civil engineering fields

Controlled Demolition
Dust free
Vibration Free
No license required
No flying debris